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Meditation fundraising day led by Paramananda

SUNDAY 20 APRIL 10.30 – 4.30PM (doors open 10am)

You are cordially invited to a special Meditation Day Retreat led by Paramananda (author of the books, ‘Change Your Mind’, ‘A Deeper Beauty’ and ‘The Art of Meditation:The Body’), fundraising for physiotherapy for Liam Isaac Dempsey. Liam had a tough start in life and needs extra help to learn to crawl and walk. You can find out more about Liam here.

Paramananda is kindly giving all proceeds raised by this meditation day to support Liam in his physiotherapy. If you have no plans yet for Easter Sunday, please do come for a friendly, welcoming day of spacious calm and the deep stillness of meditation. The day will include time for meditation questions, discussion, and a tasty home-cooked lunch.

To book your place on Paramananda’s meditation day please do both these things:

1. Reply to and let her know that you would like to come along, and

2. Please make a donation to Liam’s Learning Fund here:

The suggested donations for the day are £65 working, £45 low income, £30 unemployed. Please be generous, this support makes a very big difference for Liam.

Relational meditation Day with Bhadra sunday 4 May

Sunday May 4th from 10.30 – 5.30pm at the WLBC.

viramati (1)Bhadra invites you to come and taste this strong practice.

Relational meditation brings to the fore the images, associations and stories that we are carrying within and amongst our lives. Just like the magician’s illusions, when seen clearly, their binding power over our lives is diminished and what is precious within them can begin to flourish and naturally unfold.

Relational meditation is a way of unknowing, moving beyond the solely rational and the reasonable, by using the immediacy of the bodily felt sense saturated with imagination. This methodology has similarities with focusing, although it is practiced primarily within a group context. It functions as a direct pointing towards the loosening and ultimately liberating Buddhist concepts of annata (no fixed self) and shunyata (abundant emptiness)

Its uniqueness lies in its specific relational nature. You will be taught how to focus awareness on your inner experience whilst simultaneously deepening awareness and communication with the other. This naturally begins to uncover the defining stories that we carry and often blindly re enact within our inner and outer relationships. These stories have built archaic veils that mask our natural responsiveness. They are formed by personal history including the many ‘shoulds’ that we learn from our family, our culture and our spiritual tradition. The process of finding new ways of relating to all this can be slow and difficult work as it speaks to, and brings into relationship, the lost, abandoned and neglected aspects of our being.

You will be introduced to the theoretical framework but primarily this is an experiential day using a mixture of guided meditation, dyad and group work. This is a chance to get a taste of this work with the possibility of joining a weekly evening meeting starting in Waterloo.

Bhadra is a trained psychosynthesis group facilitator and experienced meditation teacher. For further information and to book please contact Bhadra direct :

Cost £40/£30

meditation club

Last Sunday of the month, 10:30 -5:00, usually with Paramananda. Bring vegetarian lunch to share. No need to book, suggested donation £20. Usually meditation 11-1, discussion from 2pm, finishing with meditation.

Sunday 27 April
Sunday 25 May
Sunday 29 June
Sunday 27 July
Sunday 31 August
Sunday 28 September
Sunday 26 October
Sunday 30 November

No meditation club in December 2014

Women’s events

Saturday 10 May 12.30 – 5.30pm Women’s Meditation Day led by Yashobodhi

Open to all women who have learned to meditate. No need to book. Please bring food for a shared vegetarian lunch. By donation.

Some dates of future women’s meditation events in 2014

Saturday 10 May

Saturday 19 July

Sunday 14 September

Saturday 11 October

All Saturdays from 12.30-5.30 (come at 12.30 for a shared vegetarian lunch or 1.30 for meditation)

All Sundays run from 11am – 4pm with a shared vegetarian lunch at 1pm.

festival dates 2014

Buddha Day Sunday 18 June
Dharma Day Sunday 13 July
Padmasambhava Day Sunday 5 October
Sangha Day Sunday 9 November

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